ACCIÓ Catalunya's Upcoming Events for November 2016

ACCIÓ Catalunya has a broad range of activities and events lined up for November 2016, including information and training sessions, workshops, networking events, fairs and missions.

ACCIÓ Catalunya's Upcoming Events for November 2016

Highlights include a series of workshops that will take place in Catalonia between 1 – 30 November and will address issues such as business marketing, internationalization, funding and export success, and business models.

Other activities planned for November 2016 include:

 -          Business Opportunity: Technology Cooperation with the Netherlands. November 4th, Barcelona.

 -          Workshop: Technology transfer: “Connect your technology with the market”. November 7th, Barcelona.

 -          Informative Session: Catalan Wine USA. November 8th, Barcelona

 -          Tech Experience Conference Barcelona 2016. November 10th, Barcelona

 -          Public Procurement in Catalonia. November 11th, Barcelona

 -          Business Opportunity for the Construction sector in Germany. November 11th, Barcelona

 -          II Seminar of Strategic Immersion of Catalonia’s Mental Health Cluster. November 15th

 -          Brokerage Event Smart City 2016. November 15-17, Barcelona

 -          Business Opportunity: Innovative Public Procurement. November 16th, Barcelona

 -          Workshop: Commercializing Applied Research. November 17-18, Barcelona

 -          Public Procurement in Israel. November 22nd,  Barcelona

 -          Business Opportunity: Railway sector in Australia. November 30th, Barcelona