News Release from Export Quebec

Export Quebec is pleased to share its new export strategy.

News Release from Export Quebec

By adopting the Québec Export Strategy 2016-2020, the government reinforces its efforts to modernize and develop its economy.

This document builds on current sectoral policies and strategies to support the competitiveness of Quebec businesses. Such is the case of the strategies and action plans targeted at certain sectors where the main products and services alone account for approximately 35% of Quebec's exports.

Among the most relevant industries are: aircraft, aluminum, minerals and metals, wood, pulp and paper, tourism and electricity.

The Québec Export Strategy 2016-2020 strengthens synergy and reciprocity with these enhancement tools developed by the government.


Quebec Export Strategy 2016-2020

Quebec Mining Development Strategic Vision

Québec Development Strategy for Aluminum 2015-2025

Northern Plan

Transport Electrification Action Plan 2015-2020

Maritime Strategy

Development Plan for the Tourism Industry 2012-2020

Digital Culture Plan

Plan for the Forest Industry

Energy Policy 2030

Digital Economy Action Plan

Strategy for the Aerospace Industry 2016-2026


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