Main activities of our members

The Network's regional trade promotion organizations provide exporters and potential exporters with innovative tools to enhance their companies´ access to foreign markets

Main activities of our members

Many RTPO members are also present on an international level, with offices in various countries across the world.

The main activities of RTPO members include:

Information activities:

Circulation of international business information, detection of business opportunities, production of exporter directories and statistical reports on trade, and analysis of markets, products and sectors

Support activities:

Advice on the technical and operational aspects of foreign trade and training in trade-related issues

Networking activities:

Organization of and support/participation in trade fairs, direct and inbound trade missions and business networking events

In addition, some RTPO members are involved in the following:

Investment activities:

Promotion of direct foreign investment in RTPO member regions, assistance for international companies wishing to establish themselves in member regions or companies looking to expand operations in these regions

In the belief that international cooperation is an essential tool for the internationalization of companies, RTPO members also undertake a range of activities in this area. These include:

- Networking with partners who share similar objectives
- Sharing expertise and good practices with foreign institutions to foster international cooperation
- Entering into international agreements with other organizations and institutions

If you are interested in finding out about the various events organized by individual RTPO members, please refer to the “ACTIVITIES” link.